We never thought that we will feature a stapler on our pages. After all, a stapler is a stapler, right? The Align Stapler is more than a stapler. The Align Stapler is a stapler with a detachable base. And that is all the innovation that it needs.

In a world where combining parts and multi-functionality is the forefront of innovation, it is truly ironic that separating two parts that are essentially integrated with each other has led to an innovation of the trusty old stapler. While having the base attached to a stapler makes perfect sense, it also becomes a limitation to the stapler’s reach. Therefore, by detaching the base of the Align Stapler, there is no longer this limitation and you can staple materials of any size.

You can still attach the base to the Align Stapler and use it just like any stapler and to ensure that the base doesn’t get misplaced. But when you need that additional function, just detach and staple away.


Where to Buy Align Stapler with Detachable Base


Align Stapler with Detachable Base

While a standard stapler’s reach is limited by its length, the Align Stapler’s detachable base enables a user to staple materials of any size. Buy from Quirky.com


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