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Total Relaxation with the Floating Water Hammock

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With the extremely hot temperatures these days, all we want to do is to goof off in the pool instead of being shackled to our work desks. Better yet, we want to just lie down on the Floating Water Hammock and cool down in this amazing hammock that floats on water.

Unlike a normal float, the Floating Water Hammock has a mesh body engulfs your body for complete comfort as your body submerges under the water. When inflated, the water hammock measures 60” x 40”. Its half-moon inflated pillow provides support for your neck and head as you lie in bliss in the water.

The water hammock provides support for adults up to 250 pounds. Best of all, the patented spring coil design of this hammock allows it to be easily folded for storage in the included carrying bag so you can bring it with you wherever and whenever you want.

The Floating Water Hammock uses the Jet Valve technology so you can easily inflate it with just a few quick puffs. Deflating is just as hassle-free. It includes special clips so you can easily connect the hammock to docks, boats, and other floats. The inflatable perimeter allows you to suspend in the water while the inner oval mesh allows your body to descend into the water. It is made of 65% polyester, 35% PVC, and 5% steel.
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Lay back and relax with the Kelsyus Floating Water Hammock. The mesh bed of this inflatable hammock envelops your body for total comfort.

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