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If you have to cut through dozens or hundreds a day, you will know the importance of using a safe and reliable box cutter. Most people rely on a standard blade for opening cardboard boxes but now with the Slice Box Cutter, there is now a better a safer way of doing the job.

Firstly, like all Slice’s other knife product, the Slice Box Cutter features a ceramic blade. Ceramic blades are known for their hardness and durability. They are slowly replacing steel as the cutting edge of choice even in the kitchen. This is not surprising as ceramic stays sharp 10x longer than steel. Less frequent blade changes means less downtime and more savings for you. Furthermore, ceramic blades are chemically inert, non-porous, non-stick and impervious to acids, salt, and rust.

Secondly, the hook-like design of the Slice Box Cutter serves two important purposes. It protects your hand from staples and sharp edges as you cut along a box by keeping your fingers clear from the box surface. The hook design also makes the cutter to store in your pocket. Just hook it over a belt loop or over the top of your pocket so that the blade is hanging outside for safety but yet the cutter is easily accessible when you need it.

Another important safety feature of the Slice Box Cutter is the retractable blade. I have previously worked in a company that takes safety very seriously and retractable blade knives are compulsory both on the factory floor and in the office. Retractable blades prevent injuries from blades that are accidentally left exposed after use. However, for really high volume cutting where a non-retractable blade is preferable, Slice does produce a manual 3-position box cutter that features the same innovative design.

The revolutionary Slice Box Cutter design is patent pending and furthermore, it is the winner of the prestigious 2011 reddot Award.

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