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Strobe Headphones Lights Up and Pulses to Music Beat

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Do you wish to be the life of the party? Then the Strobe Headphones by Noma are the headphones for you. These headphones are the world’s first earphones to feature cords that strobe and light up to the beat of your music! Just plug the 3.5 mm headphone connector to any music source and get ready to light up the scene.

With the Strobe Headphones, you don’t just listen to your music. You get to feel and visualize your music as your headphone lights up and pulse along to your favorite beats. The Strobe Headphones is also the perfect headphones for runners and joggers who exercise at dawn or at dusk as it keeps the user visible to traffic.

The Strobe Headphones comes with built-in microphone and a remote control for controlling volume, play or pause music, and skip tracks. You can answer calls or use it to activate your phone’s voice command function like Siri or Google Now.

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With the Strobe Headphones, you don't just listen to your music. Feel and visualize your music as your headphone lights up and pulse with the beat.

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