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intelliPaper: USB Drive Made Of Paper

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Businesses spend millions to promote their products and services by sending out paper flyers and pamphlets. Business people give away hundreds if not thousands of business cards in a desperate hope that one or two of the receivers will turn into a business lead. Unfortunately, more often than not, these costly printed material end up in the trash can and are forgotten. What if printed material can be made more interactive by combining digital media into print media? intelliPaper is the new technology that allows a USB drive to be incorporated into ordinary paper.

intelliPaper has patented the technology to allow components needed for a USB drive to be integrated into a piece of stock paper. The resulting product is mainly paper containing a tiny bit of silicon. This USB drive embedded paper looks, feels and functions just like ordinary paper. At this moment, storage on the embedded intelliPaper USB drive is limited to a few files or web pages but larger capacities are in the works.

intelliPaper can be used for flyers and business cards. Receivers can then tear off the a portion of the paper or card that contains the USB drive. A couple of folds at the end are needed in order to create the right thickness and tension required for the proper contact with a USB port on a computer.

The intelliPaper technology is much more environmentally friendly compared to normal USB drives that has significant amount of plastic and metal components. The USB can be reused as long as the paper and the USB contacts are still working properly. Once you are done with it or when it is no longer working, just throw it away.
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intelliPaper is a patented technology that allows a USB drive to be made almost completely out of paper and can be read using any computer.

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