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Technology is everywhere—in the office, commercial establishments, and even at home. Even the way we connect with people has become highly advanced. Take connecting to the next level with Withings Home. Withings Home is a much more than just a wireless HD camera setup for easy video conferencing as it comes equipped with sophisticated air quality sensors.

The video communication part of it features secure HD video, enhanced 2-way audio, 135 degree wide angle, echo cancellation, clear night vision, 12 times zoom, and multi color nightlight.

On the air quality sensor side, Withings Home incorporates a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) sensor to measure the particles in the air and sense the overall air quality. With easy to understand graphs, it allows you to access past and present levels of VOCs near your device. If it reaches unhealthy levels, Home will blink red and send a notification through its free app. The device is able to capture day and night video at full HD resolution and a 135 degree field of view.

The camera sends notifications to inform you of activities that are going on. For example, if your child is about to go home or when the dog is playing in the living room or other unusual activities, Withings Home alerts you using its motion and noise detector. This makes the Withings Home work great as a baby cam.

The Withing Home’s Interactive Diary allows you to keep track of all memorable events. Withings Home also doubles up as a 24/7 security camera that works at all times. Footage captured can be saved to the cloud by adding a Cloud Video Recording plan.

Setting up the iOS app takes only about half a minute. Just plug the camera into the main power supply, download and launch the app, connect the camera to the network of your choice, create an account, and you’re set. Connecting and staying safe is that easy with Withings Home.

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