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The Wally Bifold is a great leather slim wallet from Distil Union that is a perfect starter wallet for those who are new to the minimalist wallet lifestyle. It is great because it holds a lot of cards and cash while maintaining a fairly slim profile, and it has that great pull tab feature. But what if you are already accustomed to the minimalist lifestyle and don’t need such a large wallet but you like the pull tab feature? Distil Union has got you covered with the Wally Micro, designed just for you.

The Wally Micro is an improved version of the Wally Sleeve. It is a simple card case wallet that comes with a pull tab that lets you easily extract your wallet content with just a simple tug of the pull tab ribbon. With just a pull, your cards and folded bills pops out of the wallet letting you easily access what you need quickly and effortlessly. Size wise, it is no larger than a credit card.

Card cases are usually quite tight as they need to make sure that the contents do not spill out easily. Unfortunately that also makes it difficult to access the contents without struggling a little. However, with the pull tab design, your wallet contents are held securely but are easily accessible at the same time.

Instead of a simple leather pocket like the Wally Sleeve, the Wally Micro is just a long strip of high quality Italian vegetable tanned leather that is folded and held together with an elastic band. The use of an elastic band means that the Wally Micro can expand and fit much more compared to other sleeve wallets.

The Wally Micro has one other trick up its sleeve. This duo-toned wallet is reversible! Just unhook the elastic band, fold the leather strip in the reverse direction and then realign the pull tab ribbon and you get a whole new look for your wallet.

The Wally Micro comes in a variety of duo-tones but our favorite are the ones that combine a sombre grey with a funkier color on the reverse side. That way, we can have a more formal looking wallet for work and then switch over to a more vibrant color for play. If you are the type that parties all the time, you can always go for the Aqua/Lime or Red/Aqua combination.

This great wallet can securely store 1 to 10 cards due to the elastic band design. You can also use it to carry a few bills folded in threes although having to unfold and refold your bills every time you use it makes it more suitable for carrying emergency cash.

A card sleeve design also means that there are no separate compartments for organizing your wallet content. However, if you have already embraced the minimalist wallet lifestyle these are probably no longer an issue for you.
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