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EZ Seal Lids: Eco-Friendly Replacement for Plastic Wrap

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Plastic wrap or also popularly known as Saran wrap is indispensable in any kitchen. We use it for wrapping fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent them from drying out in the refrigerator. We use it to prevent splatter in the microwave (Yes, it is safe as long as the plastic does not touch the food. We checked.) We use it to cover leftover food in containers to keep them fresh over a period of time. But we have to admit that every time we use and disposed off plastic wrap, we feel a little guilty because of the harm to the environment. What we need are EZ Seal lids, the reusable plastic wrap for food containers.

The EZ Seal lids are made from a silicone membrane with hard nylon rims and they come in 3 different sizes. You can use them with your existing bowls and containers as long as they are round and the opening is flat. They work with containers made of all kinds of materials including glass, plastic and ceramic. The container doesn’t have to be the same size as the lid, it just has to be smaller than the rim to fit within the silicone area of the lid.

To form a tight, vacuum seal, just place the EZ Seal lid on top of the container and then gently press down on the center of the membrane. This forces some of the air out of the container and that helps to form the vacuum seal. The vacuum formed is strong enough to create a watertight seal.

It is oven, microwave and freezer safe. The silicone membrane and the nylon rim are made from FDA-approved Japanese silicone and can withstand temperatures ranging from 58 ºF to 500 ºF. When using it in an oven or microwave, it is better to leave a slight gap to let the hot air out.
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Where to Buy EZ Seal Clear 3pc Silicone Airtight Lids

EZ Seal are vacuum-tight lids made of flexible and transparent silicone. They are the ideal plastic wrap replacement for covering a variety of containers.

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