Take Your After-party Music Set to the Next Level


The UrbanEars Slussen DJ Adapter make look like a fancy headphone splitter but it is more, much more than that. Just download the free app for iOS, plug in the UrbanEars Slussen DJ Adapter, and you got yourself one mean DJ music machine.

Getting the groove on is simple. Just plug the UrbanEars Slussen DJ Adapter into your iPhone headphone jack. One of the audio outputs goes to your speaker while the other goes into your headphones. The app gives you two digital turntables and full access to your entire music library. You can now send one of the turntables to your speaker while you queue up the next one using the other.

You can control the BPM, adjust the EQ and even do some scratching all from the app.



Where to Buy UrbanEars Slussen DJ Adapter


UrbanEars Slussen DJ Adapter

The UrbanEars Slussen sends music straight to your speakers from your iPhone or iPod and and at the same time lets you cue tracks, control BPM, adjust EQ, and even scratch if you’re feeling itchy.

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