It is a tad cold outside and you need to chill-out with some tunes while you are out. You hate using those uncomfortable in-ear earphones and that beanie of yours will not fit over your pair of headphones. What do you do? Put on your Tooks CLASSIC Headphone Beanie, that is what you do.

Those crazy folks at Tooks Hats must have had the same problem. That is why they decided to combine a 100% bulk-acrylic beanie with an integrated high-quality removable headphones. The beanie keeps your head nice and comfy out in the cold while the over the ear headphones keep you entertained. It has a standard 3.5 mm audio cable that fits most mp3 players and smart phones. The cable is 4 feet long so it is more than long enough for the beanie to connect to a player in your backpack or in your pocket.

If the beanie starts to smell funky after awhile, no worries. Just remove the headphones and throw the beanie in the washer.

Available in Black, Navy, Gray, Brown, and Pink.


Where to Buy Tooks CLASSIC Headphone Beanie


Tooks CLASSIC Headphone Beanie

The Tooks Classic is a 100% bulk-acrylic audio headphone beanie. Integrated high-quality removable headphones provide superior sound quality and comfort compared to earbuds.

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