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Imagine the peace of mind you can enjoy if there is a way to monitor and track your pet dog or cat with a GPS enabled tracker. With this tracker, you will be able to know exactly where your pet is at any time of the day. And unlike many other pet trackers, the Tagg Pet Tracker’s tracking ability is not confined to just a limited range around your house or wherever you have a base station set up. With the Tagg Pet Tracker  you can track your pet nation wide.

In fact, the moment your pet leaves a designated safe zone around your home, you will instantly receive an alert via text or email on your iOS or Android smart phone. The GPS Pet Tracker app can also be used to track down your pet with pin-point accuracy on an interactive map. The Tagg Pet Tracker uses a combination of both GPS and cellular networks for location tracking. When GPS signal is unavailable, it uses the cellular network instead. When at home, the tracker uses low power radio signals to communicate with the base station to reduce power consumption.

The GPS Pet Tracker is worn by attaching it to a pet collar. When the battery runs low, the tracker will send a notification to your phone reminding you to recharge the tracker. Once it is fully charged, it sends another helpful reminder for you to reattach the tracker on the pet collar. Depending on usage, the battery on the tracker can last up to 30 days.

The included GPS Pet Tracker app can do more than just receive alerts from the tracker device. It also keeps track of your pet’s activity levels and whether your pet is getting the recommended 30-60 minutes of activity every day. The tag is water resistant and can be left on when giving your pet a bath.

Give yourself a peace of mind, Tagg your pet.

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