The Jump Charging Cable combines a charging cable with a portable battery pack. The idea is to replace your current charging cable with the Jump Charging Cable. When connected to a power source, the cable will first fully charge the phone’s battery and once charged, power is redirected to charge power bank battery. This mean that you will be less likely to forget to charge your power bank.

While the 800 mAh rechargeable battery in the Jump Charging Cable is not large but it is designed to give your smartphone an emergency burst of power when you need it. 800 mAh is enough to add another 30% of battery to your iPhone 5s or Samsung Galaxy S4 battery. The small battery capacity also keeps the overall size of the Jump Charging Cable small enough to comfortable fit in your front pants pocket.

The power pass through feature supports charging current up to 2.4 A. Fully charging the power bank battery takes about 90 minutes.



Where to Buy Jump Charging Cable Plus Battery Pack


Jump Charging Cable Plus Battery Pack

Jump Charging Cable provides your phone with a power boost wherever you are, without ever having to remember to charge it. Perfect for work, play or travel. Buy from