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Most of us don’t give much thought to can openers, until we need one that is. Just like there are many ways to skin a cat, there are also multiple ways to open a can, although we strongly suggest against skinning a cat using a can opener. Can openers come in all kinds of styles and designs but one of the most popular designs is the one with the butterfly knob because it is a familiar design and it open cans with minimal effort. The Super Kim can opener is a variation of the butterfly can opener that does away with the pair of handles.

The Super Kim compact can opener is super easy to use. Simply put the blade on the edge of the can and turn the handle clockwise. As there are no handles on the can opener for your other hand to grip on to, make sure that you hold the can with your other hand to keep it from sliding as you turn the knob. It can work with normal round shaped cans as well as odd-shaped rectangular or oval cans.

Super Kim Super Compact Can Opener

Made from high quality steel and chrome-plated nickel, it is ideal for opening cans of all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, the Super Kim can opener is safe to use as the cutter crimps and cuts steel as it opens the can, leaving no sharp edges after opening.

The Super Kim Manual Can Opener has a plastic coated butterfly knob or screw handle which is designed to be easy to grip for maximum torque with minimal effort. It is designed to work for both right and left handers. With its compact shape, it takes up minimal space in your kitchen drawer and can easily fit into your backpack so you can take it with you on camping trips.

It features rubber handle covers for easy grip. It is rust-resistant and wipes clean easily. So when traveling or when you need to open a can for lunch, the Super Kim super compact can opener is the perfect travel companion for all your can opening needs. Oh, did we also mention that it is French?

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