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Tracking tags are not new. A quick search on Amazon produces a few dozen results. So why are a couple of guys from Romania launching yet another tracker tag crowd sourcing project on Indiegogo? This new tracking device is called the Tintag and it has a few extra features that makes it stand out from the other trackers currently on the market.

So what makes the Tintag unique? For one, it has a built-in rechargeable battery. This is actually the world’s first tag that has a rechargeable battery. So why don’t the other tags have a rechargeable battery? Tracker tags don’t require a whole lot of power to function. The build-in batteries on other devices can keep the tags powered for a long time. However, having a rechargeable battery on the Tintag lets the designers to do a whole lot more by adding new functions that other tags are not capable of having without a rechargeable battery.

The communication between the Tintag and your phone goes both way. You can of course find anything tagged with a Tintag using your phone but the Tintag can also be used to look for your phone. Furthermore, the Tintag itself has a buzzer and an LED light. Looking for your lost stuff is easier with the buzzer if it is hidden under a cushion for example. The flashing LED is a big help when finding something in the dark say if you drop your keys outside at night.


Another unique function is that with a stronger battery, the Tintag has a range of up to 100m unlike other Bluetooth tags that has a limited range of 30m. A longer range is definitely a huge advantage for a device that tracks lost items. Each Tintag can be connected to multiple phones and each phone can track the same item separately.

Each Tintag comes with a base station that also acts as a wireless charger for the tag so charging the Tintag couldn’t be simpler. What makes the Tintag interesting is that the base station is more than just a charger. The base station itself is wireless device that can communicate with all Tintags within range.  In other words, the base station can be used as a hot spot to keep track of pets and kids. Check if your kids or pets are at home using the base station from anywhere via your phone. You can also widen your network by installing base stations at other locations such as at the school or at a friend’s home. You can find out if your child is at school or at a friend’s as expected.

Tintag and Home Base Charger

Tintag has set a goal of $50,000 and at the time of writing, they are very close to getting funded. A super early bird pack pledge that includes 1 Tintag device and a base station is only $19. And to make sure that the guys behind the project are working hard towards delivering your Tintag, you even get a live stream to their HQ as part of the deal. Head on over to the Tintag Indiegogo page for more info and to pledge your support.

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