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Power banks are great for charging up your power hungry mobile devices especially when you forget to charge them during the night. But how do you make sure that you remember to charge the power bank itself? One way is to have the charger double up as a power bank as well. The Styx Car Charger Plus Power Bank is both a charger for your phone that you use with your car DC outlet plus it also doubles up as a power bank to give your phone an extra boost when you need it.

We must say that the Styx Car Charger Plus Power Bank seems to have everything well thought through. Firstly, it has a swivel joint that allows you to position the power bank when plugged into the car cigarette lighter port. This is important as not all cars have enough clearance space for the longish power bank body.

Secondly, besides charging up the power bank in the car, you can also charge it up using any powered USB outlet. This makes the Styx Car Charger much more versatile then just a normal car charger. Thirdly, it has a built-in Micro USB connector. This means that you can charge your smart phone directly without the need of an extra charging cable.

Incredibly, it also has another USB port that can charge a second device with the use of an extra charging cable. Lastly, it also functions as an emergency flash light. The single LED light is not very bright but it is good enough for use in an emergency.

The rechargeable battery has a 2600 mAh capacity which should be good enough to give most smart phones a full charge or close to it.
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