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Having the suspicious feeling that your pesky little kid brother or sister is sneaking into your room and messing around with your personal stuff? Although the little brat is denying it but you know better. How do you make sure that your room is safe from intrusion and your precious belongings are not being tempered with? You need the 4-in-1 Hidden Camera Radio Clock.

The 4-in-1 Hidden Camera Radio Clock looks just like an ordinary radio clock but it is equipped with the latest technology in motion detection and night vision. Its plain looking design makes it fit in with any room decor without arousing any suspicion that it is more than just a bedside clock.

The built-in spy camera has infrared night vision capability and has a good range of 6 – 9 feet in total darkness. High quality recording is still crystal clear even in low light situations. It has the ability for constant power limitless recording but just plugging the clock in. It will just overwrite older footage once the memory is full. It can run on its built-in rechargeable battery for 3 to 4 hours of continuous recording.

There are several options that comes with the device. One of the option is to have motion detection capability which allows you to turn on recording only when the camera detects motion. This is a very cool feature that is usually only present in high-end security cameras. There is also the option to add an LCD monitor which allows you to view your recorded footage on the device itself without the need of a computer.

Aside from its recording capabilities, the 4-in-1 Hidden Camera Radio Clock also includes an actual working clock, FM radio & audio speakers. The radio clock only plays audio files and does not record audio. The package includes a USB charging cable, carrying bag, audio cable, power adapter and earphones. It comes with a 2-year warranty.
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