We just featured the Pulpop eco-friendly speakers made from recycled pulp. Except for the electronics parts, the Pulpop is almost 100% recyclable. The SpeakaBoo on the other hand is definitely 100% recyclable and is made from 100% bamboo, an eco-friendly and highly renewable source of material.

The SpeakaBoo Acoustic bamboo speaker amplifier does not require batteries and has no electronic parts whatsoever. The audio amplification is 100% natural acoustics. The bamboo hollow section acts as a natural sound amplifier through sound resonance. The speakers come in two different designs, one to fit the iPhone 4 and the other the 5 series.

Each SpeakaBoo speaker is hand crafted from hand picked bamboo stems. Every SpeakaBoo speaker is therefore unique in look, pattern, color and size. Each SpeakaBoo is a natural work of art.

The docking area has been designed so that the iPhone’s screen and home button are fully accessible when it is placed on the SpeakaBoo speaker.


Where to Buy SpeakaBoo Acoustic bamboo speaker amplifier


SpeakaBoo Acoustic bamboo speaker amplifier

SpeakaBoo amplifies and improves the audio quality coming out of an iPhone speaker in an eco-friendly way, using only bamboo, which has the natural ability to resonate sound within its walls.

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