While we love awesome gadgets with state-of-the-art technology, we are also big fans of great design and the minimalist approach to design. The Sond by Void Minimalist Watch is the quintessential example of the latter. The Sond is nothing more than just a simple digital wristwatch. It does not make phone calls and neither does it connect to our smartphones. What you see is what you get.

If you study the Sond by Void Minimalist Watch in detail, you’ll notice that the watch body is made from a single piece of injection molding. Furthermore, the watch strap is nothing more than just a simple nylon strap. The watch case itself is used to fasten the nylon strap. You can cut the strap to length to fit your wrist. The only other components are a couple of silicone fitting loops.

Each of the components come in 8 different colors and if our maths do not fail us, that gives a total of over 500 different combinations.

Void watches are the brainchild of Swedish designer, David Ericsson.



Where to Buy Sond by Void Minimalist Watch


Sond by Void Minimalist Watch

Sond by Void Watches are truly unique. Injection molded in one single piece, the Sond has a locking mechanism that uses the watch itself to secure the band.

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