A Flip Clock Without Numbers


Flip clocks strangely still hold fascination among many people even in this age of digital technology. That is also why one of the most popular widgets for showing time on Android OS devices is a digital representation of a flip clock. However, the Analog Dial Flip Clock is more than just a simple flip clock. Instead of just simple digits showing the hours and minutes of time, it shows a graphical analog clock face instead.

Every fifteen minutes, the Analog Dial Flip Clock will flip the card to show the time. This means that the time is accurate to about roughly fifteen minutes. So if you need an accurate clock, the Analog Dial Flip Clock is not it. But it is ideal for those whose time passes leisurely and punctuality is an overrated virtue.

The Analog Dial Flip Clock is about the size of a tissue box. It can be used as a desktop clock or hung on the wall.



Where to Buy Analog Dial Flip Clock


Analog Dial Flip Clock

This is the flip clock that displays the time with analog hands instead of overused numerals. The display panels flip every 15 minutes, keeping time at a leisurely pace.

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