We have seen many interesting phone case designs. From cases with built-in power banks to those that double up as a wallet. However, the InkCase For iPhone 5/5s actually adds an additional display to your iPhone. How awesome is that?

The additional display on the InkCase For iPhone 5/5s is actually an E-Ink or E-Paper display. E-Ink display are very low powered displays that retains static displays on the screen with almost no power requirement. It is also the same technology that is used in many e-book readers like the Kindle PaperWhite.

Needless to say, the number one use for this additional E-Ink display is to use it for reading. Many do use their iPhones as an e-book reader but with the InkCase, you can now do so with minimal battery drain. A customized EpiReader app is used to reformat e-books to fit the InkCase screen and to push it to the E-Ink display. E-Ink displays are also perfectly readable under bright sunlight unlike LCD displays. The InkCase connects to the iPhone using a Bluetooth connection.

When not using it for reading, the InkCase display can be used to display other pieces of information. You can display your favorite photos, your favorite quote, the weather forecast or your To-Do list.

For more information, go to the InkCase site.

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InkCase For iPhone 5/5s

InkCase displays any picture you want on the back of the phone, including weather forecasts, your daily To Do List. InkCase’s E-Paper technology and low power consumption complete your eBook reading experience on a Smartphone without hurting your eyes nor worrying about draining the phone’s battery.

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