One of the greatest fear for any parent is to lose a child. While most parents are fortunate enough not to have experienced this tragic experience but what can parents do to allay their fears and to give themselves some peace of mind? The SmartKidsID Wearable Child ID is one device that any parent of a young child may want to consider. It is a cheap, simple wearable smart ID device that a young child can wear on his or her wrist. This ID tag can help anyone who finds the child to quickly contact the parent and lets the parent know where the child is located.

The SmartKidsID Wearable Child ID uses a QR code to store the information on the child. A QR code is one of those white squares with tiny random black squares on them. Scanning the QR code opens up a webpage with important information on how to reunite parents with their child. A notification email plus GPS location of the scanner is also sent out immediately. This alerts the parent to any unauthorized scanning.

The SmartKidsID Wearable Child ID is safer than a normal ID tag as nothing is revealed on the tag itself. A casual glace on the tag does not reveal any information. A scan is required to read the information. Furthermore, parents can control what information is to be made available to the scanner such as the child’s medical information. Parents may edit the data and update what can be seen at any time via the internet. For example, if the child goes on a field trip you may want to change the contact number to the teacher’s phone.

Last but not least, if the child is found by someone without a smartphone, a 24/7 toll-free Help Hotline is provided for the child finder to call SmartKidsID for help.



Where to Buy SmartKidsID Wearable Child ID


SmartKidsID Wearable Child ID

SmartKidsID is the perfect solution to keep your child safe on the go! It combines the QR Code technology with a 24/7 toll free Help Hotline.

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