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The lives of the children who are growing this generation will be very different from ours. The world is getting increasingly digital. To succeed in this new world, kids will need to learn new skills. A skill like coding is currently regarded as a specialized skill that only a select few need to have. In the future, coding will be an essential skill children today will need in order to succeed. Osmo Coding is an award winning add-on peripheral for the iPad that teaches coding in a fun and exciting way.

Kids learn fastest and absorb the most when the learning is in the form of interactive play and kids love games. Osmo Coding cleverly designs the coding learning process into an interactive game with physical game blocks. You play the role Awbie, a fun character that loves strawberries. Your job is to guide Awbie through his world to get to the strawberries and this is done by stacking the coding blocks in a “program” of sorts.

The blocks represent code blocks that are used when coding. You can use the code to make Awbie move, turn, jump or grab. There are also blocks that introduce the concept of “loops” and “if-then” logical tests. The cool thing about Awbie’s game world is that it is an open world. You can get to the strawberries by making many simple commands or you can use complex commands that allow Awbie to grab the strawberries using just a few code blocks. This way the game is accessible to kids of all ages and of varying coding skills. Even an adult may find it entertaining.

The code blocks are magnetic and they click together satisfyingly. Certain blocks don’t click together because the command does not make sense. This serves as a guide to the child to the rules of coding. The designers purposely used physical blocks instead of virtual ones on a touch screen to create a physical link between the digital world and physical space.

Osmo Coding is an add-on to the Osmo Starter Set. The Osmo starter set that consists of a base and a reflector that attaches to the iPad and it is required for Osmo Coding to work.
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