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People with colorblindness often get the short end of the stick. About 8% of the male population suffer from a form of colorblindness. However, there is relatively little effort in finding a cure for colorblindness compared to other visual ailments. The Oxy-Iso Colorblindness Correction Glasses seeks to address this shortcoming by introducing a pair of correction glasses that allows most colorblindness sufferers to “see” colors they were unable to previously.

The most common form of colorblindness is the inability to differentiate between the colors red and green. While it is not a life threatening ailment, it does cause problems in everyday life. Certain jobs even require perfect color vision to perform properly such as an electrician who has to be able to differentiate wires of all colors.

Oxy-Iso Colorblindness Correction Glasses

The Oxy-Iso Colorblindness Correction Glasses is not a miracle pair of glasses that grant colorblind people the magical ability to see colors. What it does is that it adds a purple tint like a pair of shaded sunglasses and this tint enhances the warmer colors like red and orange by giving them a certain glow when viewed through the glasses.

With the Oxy-Iso Colorblindness Correction Glasses, colorblind people can thus “see” the glowing reds and differentiate them from the non-glowing greens that are cooler. Colorblind people who wear the glasses can easily pass the Ishihara test plates (the test that consists of colored dots with hidden numbers).

Although it does not grant wearers color vision, the Oxy-Iso Colorblindness Correction Glasses is a rather significant invention as colorblindness sufferers who require red-green color differentiation in their everyday life such as reading a color chart or even differentiate the color signals on a traffic light, can now do so with ease.

The Oxy-Iso Colorblindness Correction Glasses are available in the form of a set of sporty looking shades or as clip-ons that you can wear over prescription glasses. The glasses are not cheap but the company does offer a money back guarantee if they do not work for you.

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