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More and more smart phones and digital cameras now have waterproof capabilities. While waterproof cameras open up whole new possibilities for photography it also exposes the camera to other dangers such as accidentally dropping your camera or phone and sinking to the bottom. This wouldn’t be a problem if you have something simple like the Olympus Strap Float to keep your device afloat should you drop it.

The Olympus Strap Float is made for Olympus’ own line of cameras but since it is just a simple lanyard with a strap float, there is nothing to stop you from using it on any camera of phone that the lanyard can attach to. There are a few similar products on the market but we picked the Olympus Strap Float because it can support heavier cameras and its also designed for taking pictures underwater.

If you are just using it for your phone, it probably doesn’t matter which strap float you use but if you plan to use if for a camera, it is important that the strap float is able to prevent your camera from quickly sinking to the bottom. The Olympus Strap Float is larger than most other strap floats but it helps to keep heavier cameras afloat.

On the other hand the strap has slight positive buoyancy that allows you to take steady underwater pictures without having your hand forced to the surface.

The bright colored strap also makes the strap easy to spot should it float away from you.
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