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The Maxam 12pc Survival Knife is a bit of a misnomer. It has way more than 12 pieces of survival gear packed into the knife and the included sheath. The survival kit items are hidden inside the hunting knife’s handle as well as in the molded sheath. The one item that really caught us by surprise are parts that can be used to turn the knife sheath into a working slingshot.

The main hunting knife is 3/16″ thick and made from stainless steel. It has an 8 inch long blade with a serrated spine. The handle of the blade is hollow and that is where most of the survival kit items are hidden. The end of the handle twists open like a cap and the cap itself has a built-in compass.

The survival kit items are stored in a separate plastic tube. Inside are a couple of matches, a bandage, a pair of tweezers, a safety pin, a tiny razor blade, fishing line, a couple of fishing hooks, weights for fishing line, a pencil, thread and needle.

In the knife sheath itself is yet another knife blade. This one is a 7″ skeletal frame knife with a 2-5/8″ blade. This smaller blade has a gut hook plus a 3″ blade on one end and a bottle opener on the other end. This knife is also made from stainless steel.

Digging further into the molded sheath reveals a plastic container that contain parts for a slingshot. The elastic band fits over a couple of metal arms that flip out from the molded sheath. The slingshot parts container itself has a small mirror stuck to it plus it can be used as a ruler.

There is one last piece hidden in the sheath and it is another bigger mirror. The mirror is oddly shaped and has some padding at the back so it may have some other use that we are not aware of.

There is nothing else hidden in the sheath but this is not the last of the surprises. Wrapped around the molded sheath itself is a fairly long piece of nylon paracord. If required, you can remove it from the sheath itself. Last but not least, the sheath has a belt loop that you can attach to your belt. The Maxam 12pc Survival Knife is quite a handy survival kit with quite a number of hidden tricks up its sheath.

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