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Bike owners often worry about their bike saddles or worse still, their bike getting stolen. Bikes fetch a good price and if their owners don’t take proper precautions, they are easy to steal. Your standard locks usually don’t offer enough protection as bike thieves get more sophisticated. On the other hand, sturdy heavy duty locks are heavy and a burden to carry around. The Seatylock solves your bike locking woes by turning the bike seat itself into a super tough bike lock.

First and foremost, the Seatylock works just like any bike saddle and it comes with a universal adapter that mounts on just about any bike. The adapter allows you to remove and reattach the saddle with just a simple flick of a lever.

To convert the Seatylock into a bicycle lock, all you have to is remove it, separate the chain links that are tucked under the seat, and finally, unlock the chain. The chain is over 3 feet in length which is long and versatile enough to safely lock your bike to a fixed object. It takes less than a minute for the whole process. Unlocking your bike is just as simple and just requires reversing the process.

The chains on the Seatylock are made from high quality hardened steel and linked together by drill-proof rivets. The lock itself is also drill resistant and has a picking proof locking mechanism that can provide over 1,000,000 combinations.

There are a couple of advantages of combining a bike saddle and a lock into a single device. Firstly, you will never forget to bring along a bike lock because a saddle is an integral part of your bike and you can’t ride one without a seat. Secondly, although the Seatylock itself is quite hefty at 3 lbs, you won’t actually feel the extra weight because it is mounted at your bike’s center of gravity which is right under the saddle.
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