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The Lightsaber Tool Kit is the ultimate tool kit of the geeks. This set of tools is unlike “display only” lightsaber replicas from Master Replicas that cost an arm and a leg but does nothing except look pretty sitting on your display shelf next to your full size Stormtrooper suit. These are real tools given the official licensed Star Wars merchandize treatment.

The Lightsaber Tool Kit consists of just 3 simple screwdrivers. These are the tools of a true master. Not as clumsy or random as a power drill. An elegant tool for a more civilized age. Okay, maybe not as we are obviously just spouting Star Wars quotes wherever we can.

Lightsaber Tool Kit

What you do get is philips screwdriver with Luke’s lightsaber as the hilt. The other 2 screwdrivers are flathead. The bigger sized one has Vader’s lightsaber while the smaller one has aptly, Yoda’s lightsaber. The longer drivers are about 8 inches long while the shorter Yoda one is 6.5 inches.

Too bad that the lightsabers cum screwdrivers do not make any saber humming sounds. Neither do the screwdrivers retract into the hilts with a whoosh. But they still are still way cooler than a cold winter night on Hoth and will make any Star Wars fan happier than a Texas mother with a Chewbacca mask.
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