Classic video game Donkey Kong gets reincarnated as Jenga Donkey Kong. This is not just a Donkey Kong themed version of Jenga but it actually has an alternative way to play Jenga that retains the spirit of the original Donkey Kong video game.

The Jenga blocks come with girder graphics which mimic the original look of the video game pretty well. The game comes with a figure representing Donkey Kong, 4 Mario player pieces and of course a figure of Pauline whom you have to save. There is also a Donkey Kong themed spinner that determines how each player moves on his or her turn.

Each Jenga Donkey Kong player plays as one of the four collectible Mario playing pieces. Your goal is of course to be the first Mario to reach the top of the tower and rescue Pauline before the tower comes crumbling down around you. You can of course play Jenga the traditional way using the original rules.

If you are a fan of both Mario or Donkey Kong and have a love for Jenga, you won’t be disappointed with Jenga Donkey Kong.


Where to Buy Jenga Donkey Kong Game


Jenga Donkey Kong Game

Game includes (54) wooden blocks, (4) custom Mario game pieces, (1) custom Donkey Kong and Pauline game piece, custom spinner and instructions.

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