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In ancient Greece, metal or clay drinking mugs made in the shape of horns were used. Actual horns were also used as drinking vessel. If you want to know what it feels like to be a great Greek philosopher contemplating about the meaning of life while sipping coffee from a horn shaped mug, the Goat Story Mug is for you.

Forget about the World’s Greatest Husband or Best Wife Ever mugs, this is the best gift mug for anyone. Period. Who wouldn’t want their very horn shaped mug that comes with its own faux leather holder and carrying straps? Remove the holder, flip it over and it becomes a stand for the mug. Perfect for displaying this truly unique coffee mug. Be the target of envy or everyone around you.

The Goat Story Mug was originally very successfully funded on Kickstarter. It was and still is, the perfect coffee companion for the urban warrior. It comes with 2 leather straps, one long and one short. The short one acts kinda like a lanyard. While the long strap allows you to strap your favorite mug across your shoulder. Un-sling your mug and imagine the kinds of conversations that it will start.

The shape of the mug is not just for show. The inside incline of the mug means that you get to drink every last drop of your drink. Nothing goes to waste. It comes with its own attached lid that you can open single handedly. The lid secures your drink and prevent spillage. Meanwhile the Goat Story Mug keeps your drink hot for long periods.

The mug is made from drink safe BPA free material and is machine washable.

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