Fresh Herbs on Hand All the Time


Fresh herbs are great for recipes. Much better than the dried variety for sure. Keeping fresh herbs on hand is a bit of a problem though. How many times have you bought fresh herbs and wasted the balance that you didn’t use? Well, the Herb Mill & Keeper is what you need. It keeps your unused herbs fresh and it comes with a built-in herb mill so that you can easily add a sprinkle of fresh herbs into your cooking.

To use, simply wash and dry your fresh herbs and store them in the Herb Mill & Keeper. Then place the Herb Mill & Keeper in the freezer until you need them again. When you need a dash of fresh herbs, just take the Herb Mill & Keeper out of the freezer, give it a gentle shake and then turn the knob to add fresh herbs to your dish. The frozen herbs defrosts instantly and are as good as the freshly bought ones.

This is a great way to stop wasting unused fresh herbs and save money at the same time.



Where to Buy Herb Mill & Keeper


Herb Mill & Keeper

With the Herb Mill & Keeper you can have fresh herbs all the time and never worry about wasting money on herbs that go bad before you can use them.

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