Some people live to exercise while others, exercise to live. There is of course the rest who don’t exercise at all. For the last two groups, Goji Play hopes to convert them to the first group.

Video gamers are often depicted as a nerdy lot with pasty complexion who don’t exercise. Goji Play aims to get the gaming addicts off their couches by incorporating video games with exercise routines. It consists of a couple of game controllers with a couple of buttons that can be mounted on exercise equipment using Velcro straps, an activity tracker and 2 foam batons. You also need to add-on an iOS device such runs iOS 6.1 and above like an iPad. An iPad is preferable due to the bigger display. The iPad is used to run the Goji Play app and to communicate wirelessly to the controllers and tracker.

The controllers can be strapped on to the handle bars of an exercise machine for example. If no handle bars are present, they can then be strapped on to the foam batons. The activity sensor can be clipped on the belt or placed in a pocket. The iPad has to be mounted or placed in front where the display can be seen as you exercise. Pick one of the many games available and the exercise machine is now transformed into a gaming machine.

The games are simple and don’t expect whiz bang 3D graphics. However they do a good job of making you have fun and forget that you are exercising….until your muscles start to ache that is. The games work well with exercise machines like stationary bikes, elliptical machines, treadmills, and stair-steppers.


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Goji Play

Goji Play transforms any cardio equipment into a games machine, making 30 minutes of exercise feel like 5.

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