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The internet is a wonderful place but it is also a “wretched hive of scum and villainy”, borrowing one of our favorite quotes from Star Wars. You have to be very careful about the passwords that you use for your online accounts less they get hacked and your identity get stolen. Make sure that they are at least 8 characters (12 is better) long, has a mix of small and capital letters, uses nothing that comes out of a dictionary and throw in a few numbers and other symbols into the mix. And also, don’t use the same password on different sites.

It is no surprise that many people find creating and remembering strong passwords such a gargantuan task. Many resort to writing their password somewhere which in the end defeats the purpose of having a strong password in the first place. Enigmaze is a password generation system that doubles up as a logbook for storing your passwords. The great thing about it is that no one will be able to figure out your passwords even if they get their hands on it.

If you open the logbook, you will see pages filled with a hexagonal grid that has characters that include small and capital letters, numbers and symbols. There are countless ways to create a password using the grid. Enigmaze comes with a manual that provides many methods but you can also create your own method that is only known to you for really secure passwords.

The easiest (and therefore not recommended) method is to just pick a horizontal line that correspond to the first letter of the site name. For example, your Facebook account’s password can be the characters that make up the “F” line. This is a very secure password on its own and impossible to guess unless you have the grid.

To make your password less obvious, you can move 8 characters to the right (since Facebook has 8 characters) and then move diagonally down another 4 characters to create an impossible to guess (unless you know the method/rule) 12 character password, even to someone who has the grid.

Your password can also be a combination of a common keyword plus a number of characters from the grid. That way, you don’t need a particularly difficult password generation method. Just make sure you don’t forget your keyword and don’t write it anywhere on the logbook itself.

The logbook has A to Z index tabs for you to sort your sites. Each page can be used to store multiple passwords. If you are paranoid, you can use the included invisible ink pen to scribble your sites and passwords. To view your notes, you need to use the included UV light keychain.

If you are really, really paranoid, you can avoid writing down anything on the logbook itself. Just devise a foolproof method and just use the grid itself. The Enigmaze logbook comes with a small plastic card printed with the grid that you can carry with you in your wallet at all times.
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