Bluetooth wireless speakers are a dime a dozen. Well, not literally although we wish they were but walk into any electronics store or browse the speakers section of Amazon and you will be overwhelmed by the choices that you have. Normally, we would advise buyers to never judge speakers by how they look but by how they sound. However, the Edifier Luna Eclipse Bluetooth speakers are one of those rare speakers that actually sound as good as they look and these speakers look really, really good.

For a pair of 74 watt speakers, the Edifier Luna Eclipse produces great sound with punchy bass. Each speaker contains a 3/4” tweeter and a 3” full range speaker drive. The sound reminds us a lot of much more expensive Bose speakers that are about the same size.

The Edifier Luna Eclipse is not just all about looks. The speakers come with touch controls for volume control, play/pause, skip track and previous track that really do add a touch of class to the speakers. A remote with the same controls is also included.



Where to Buy Edifier Luna Eclipse Speakers


Edifier Luna Eclipse Speakers

Ideal for desktops and home environments, Luna Eclipse is a must have for audio enthusiasts seeking exceptional audio and a visually striking experience.

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