We all know that it is dangerous to use the phone while driving and even more dangerous to text and drive yet many of us still do it. Why do we still do it? Our smartphones are equipped with voice activated and hands free features such as Siri and S Voice but we seldom make use of them while in a car because it is a hassle to set up your phone for use in  a car and fiddling with a touch screen while driving is equally troublesome.

What we need is an easy way to connect your smartphone to a hands free speakerphone and a control system with large buttons that are easy to use and access while driving. The speeCup Voice Activated Speakerphone does a very good job at meeting our requirements above.

The speeCup is a speakerphone that is shaped like a (what else?) cup and is designed to fit snugly into your car’s cup holder. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It has its own built-in speaker but you can also connect it to your car audio system via a 3.5 mm audio out cable. The cup design also houses a rechargeable battery but while in the car, you can power the speeCup via the 12V DC socket instead.

speeCup Voice Activated Speakerphone

What we really liked about the speeCup Voice Activated Speakerphone are the large buttons at the top of the speaker. With a little practice, you can easily answer and end calls, start and stop music playback, skip tracks and adjust the volume without looking at the controls.

Physical buttons are definitely much more user friendly than touch screen buttons while driving. If you want to do more with your phone while driving, you can always activate voice control functions by pressing the big center button.

The speeCup Voice Activated Speakerphone also has support for simple gesture controls. Just wave your hand above the speeCup to skip tracks or to answer calls. While it is a cool feature that adds to the appeal of the speeCup.

Last but not least, the speeCup is not limited for use in the car. Just bring it along with you as a portable Bluetooth speaker or as a speakerphone for your phone. The speaker does produce pretty good audio for its size.



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speeCup Voice Activated Speakerphone

speeCup is a Siri/S Voice Activated Portable Bluetooth Speakerphone with large buttons and gesture control. Lets you use your smartphone safely in the car.

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