Most of us no longer use a real calculator anymore. Not when every phone (and not just the smart ones), tablet or computer comes with a calculator. However, if I ever buy a calculator, it has to be the DIY Calculator.

It is no better than the calculator on my phone. Heck, it is no better than the calculator I used in school eons ago. But what makes the DIY Calculator the coolest calculator I’ve ever seen is that the front panel of the calculator is literally a blank sheet that you can customize to your heart’s contend.

Of course, how cool it turns out depends on your imagination and artistic ability but one thing is for sure, it is going to be unique and personal.



Where to Buy DIY Calculator


DIY Calculator

The DIY Calculator lets you start with a blank sheet. OK, you still have to write the numbers in the right place, but other than that, it’s yours to design.

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