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Just what is the Divoom Ditoo? It is actually quite difficult to describe what it is in just a few words. It is like describing a smart phone as just a telecommunication device when it is so much more than that. If we have to, the Divoom Ditoo is best described as a Bluetooth speaker. But like that smart phone, most users are more interested and will be using its other features than the speaker function. To cover everything that this powerhouse Bluetooth speaker does will probably require at least a 20 page manual so we are going to very brief and cover just the most interesting bits.

Firstly, the Divoom Ditoo is part of Divoom’s range of Pixel Art devices. Yes, pixel art is making a comeback. For those in the dark, pixel art hark back to the days of 8-bit and 16-bit computer gaming. Back then, displays had low resolution and game graphics had to be represented by huge pixels and a very limited color palette. So what does the Ditoo have to do with pixel art? It has a 16x 16 pixel LED screen. In the old days of gaming, many games did have to rely on 16 x16 game sprites so for us, it really brings back memories.

The Ditoo’s brush with retro-ism does not stop with just the pixel display. The entire speaker is shaped like a retro computer. It has a CRT monitor and 6-key keyboard which strangely also includes a lever. We don’t recall any retro keyboard ever had a lever so no idea this one does. On the other hand, we think that most users of the Divoom Ditoo has probably never seen a computer with a CRT monitor, they are none the wiser.

We have already established that this retro speaker functions as a Bluetooth speaker but what else does it do? For those who are into pixel art, they can download all kinds of pixel art. Some made by Divoom themselves but most are made by other users. You are not limited to just still art as the device supports animated pixel art as well. For the creative types, they can try their hand at creating their own art using the downloadable companion app.

What else can it do? How about Ditoo’s version of classic games? It is difficult enough creating sprites that are just 16 x 16 pixels but here the entire game is limited to a 16 x 16 pixels. It has 16 x 16 versions of Tetris and Breakout for example. While interesting, we doubt anyone will spend much time on any of the games.

A much more useful function is the notification feature. Connect to your smartphone and the device will display a notification when you get one from your various social media apps such as Instagram and Twitter. However, unless you are staring at the device all day long, you will probably miss the notifications as it only gets displayed for a few seconds.

Other functions on the device include as an alarm clock, sleep sounds generator, stop watch, countdown timer, calendar, weather forecast, sound mixer plus a few other functions. Some of the other functions are rather strange like the sound meter that measures loudness. If you will be mainly using the Divoom Ditoo as a Bluetooth speaker, the sound quality is actually pretty good considering its size and price. Not the best, but pretty decent overall and it can get very loud at maximum setting. Perhaps this is where the sound meter comes in.

Last but not least, the built quality of this device is excellent. Yes, it does look like a toy but an expensive one. The Divoom Ditoo is definitely an odd product but they must have done something right as it is a big hit among teenage girls.

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