Kids nowadays have it too easy. When they receive a gift, all they have to do is tear away the wrapping to get to their gift. Back in our days, we had to ….er…. tear away the wrapping as well. If you think that gift recipients should work a little harder to get to their gifts, the Deluxe Wooden Money Maze is the ideal container for small gifts such as cash, gift card or candy.

The Deluxe Wooden Money Maze requires the receiver to solve a puzzle that involves a maze and a ball. Placing the ball at the correct position triggers the mechanism to allow you to remove the top of the box and access the gift inside. The puzzle box itself is constructed out of beautiful solid cherry wood and makes a wonderful display piece. The puzzle looks simple but can be deceptively fiendish. Ideal for a birthday gift or a other occasions.

There is a slot on the box for you to drop in cash or coins. However to put in a bigger gift, you will need to solve the puzzle to open the lid. Now, if only we can figure out how this puzzle works.


Where to Buy Deluxe Wooden Money Maze


Deluxe Wooden Money Maze

The Deluxe Wooden Money Maze with its classic solid wood cherry case is a beautiful combination of decorative accessory, challenging puzzle and intriguing bank. Drop coins, currency or checks through the slot. To access your cash or gift inside, you must solve the puzzle!

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