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Wear Your Headphones on Your Wrist


The CordCruncher headphones started out as a Kickstarter campaign for headphones with tangle free cord. If you store your headphones in your bag, pockets or in a drawer, you have no doubt faced the frustration of the cord hopelessly tangled up in a mess when you take them out. Sure, there are cord winders to help prevent this but not many of us have the time or discipline to make use of it every time we are done using our headphones.

The CordCruncher headphones comes with a truly innovative design that not only guarantees that the cord will never tangle up but the headphones can even double up as a fashionable wrist band or necklace. The CordCruncher’s elastic sleeve allows you to adjust the length of the cord from 16 inches to 3 1/2 feet.

When you are done with your headphones, just crunch the cord up and chuck it back into your pocket, bag or drawer or loop it around your wrist like a fashionable bracelet so that you don’t lose your CordCruncher headphones. The next time you want to use your headphones, you don’t ever have to worry about tangled cords again.

The  CordCruncher headphones come in four exciting colors – Red, Blue, Black and White.
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