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Climbing Wall Treadmill

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Need a more vigorous workout machine at home? The old treadmill just doesn’t cut it any more? How about a Climbing Wall Treadmill then? For the ultimate in home exercise, you can have your very own endless climbing wall with the Climbing Wall Treadmill. Best of all, since there is no danger of falling down, there is no need for a safety harness or other safety equipment.

The Climbing Wall Treadmill has hand and foot holds mounted to the tread wall that revolves. The holds can be adjusted and customized for different difficulty and to exercise different limbs. The device is motor-less and is powered by the climber’s weight. A sensor keeps track of the climber’s position. The faster you climb, the faster the tread wall will move. The angle of the wall adjusts from -20° to +5° from vertical, simulating overhangs or slab climbing.

A counter keeps track of the elapsed time, distance you have climbed and the calories burned.

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Where to Buy Treadwall Rock Wall Treadmill

The Treadwall M Series is a whole new Treadwall training platform utilizing revolutionary new technology based on engineering proven over 16 years.

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