With all the attention that smart watches have been receiving lately, the classic wrist watch is almost totally forgotten. However, not everyone wants a watch that is an extension of our smart phones. After all, we already have our smart phones with us all the time. Sometimes, all that we want is a watch that tells the time accurately and the Casio Waveceptor Solar & Atomic Clock Watch does just that but with a couple of interesting features that appeal to our inner geek.

First of all, the Casio Waveceptor Solar & Atomic Clock Watch is always accurate any time, anywhere and you never ever have to set the time. That is because the Casio Waveceptor has a built-in atomic clock that receives time calibration radio signals which keep the displayed time accurate. The watch calibrates itself up to 6 times a day but even without atomic calibration, it is accurate up to ±15 seconds per month. It has world time with 29 times zones (30 cities), city code display and daylight saving on/off.

Secondly, the Casio Waveceptor is solar powered. It powers itself as you wear it and doesn’t need direct sunlight. With a full charge, the battery will last approximately 5 months without any further light exposure.

So if all that you need is a watch that tells time, the Casio Waveceptor not only does that with aplomb, you don’t have to worry about needing to charge it every night too. Take that, smart watch!


Where to Buy Casio Waveceptor Solar & Atomic Watch


Casio Waveceptor Solar & Atomic Watch

Casio Waveceptor Solar & Atomic Watch – the always accurate watch that never runs out of battery.

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