Who wants to be threatened anyway? No one, for sure. Not even you. Nevertheless, as you go about your daily personal, professional, and social lives, you’re exposed to situations that pose a threat to your security and well-being. From the physical environment to online platforms, the increased activities of hackers, malicious parties, and burglars have made personal safety a top priority.  

Without paying keen attention to the most common threats around you, you become susceptible to casualties that could cause harm or loss. Therefore, adopting clever protective measures and using personal protective equipment to ensure safety is the way forward to protect yourself from modern threats.  

What Are Modern Threats?

Threats are situations, circumstances, conditions, and activities instigated to inflict pain, injury, damage on a person. They can also be hostile actions performed on someone in retribution for something done. 

Thus, modern threats are actions and trends that have evolved in recent times to become a common source of attack and disaster. Threatening actions can come in various forms, such as verbal or non-verbal. They can be performed privately or through public activities involving two or more people.    

Impacts Of Modern Threats On You

Modern threats can have various effects on you. And threatening actions can lead to the loss of personal peace and rest of mind. If you’re under a continuous attack or disastrous situation, you tend to lose the calmness of mind that gives you comfort. Therefore, the effects are often psychological. 

Furthermore, modern threats can accidentally or deliberately cause a critical loss of intellectual data, trade secrets, and confidential credentials. Health-threatening conditions can lead to a failed state of health and death in extreme conditions. When threats are not immediately addressed, they can escalate, creating different incidents that put you under stressful and adverse conditions.  

Clever Ways To Protect Yourself From Threats

Even though the defense agencies, such as the police, doctors, and therapists, are assigned to ensure safety, you might still need clever personal methods to keep yourself alive. These methods are made to be clever because they have elements of ingenuity, skills, forethought, and resourcefulness.

  1. Put On A Face Mask

Wearing a mask outside your household is an excellent protective measure. It has been proven to help protect oneself from modern threats such as the COVID-19 virus. Face masks act as barriers that prevent the escape of respiratory droplets. Coughing with face masks prevents the droplets from touching those around you. Also, when you’re near someone coughing or sneezing, their droplets will not directly be transmitted to you since you are protected with a face mask.

  1. Practice Social Distancing

Social distancing is practiced by purposefully diminishing close contact between people, avoiding mass gatherings, and, if possible, maintaining a distance of 6ft from others. Social distancing helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as the coronavirus. You can reduce the chances of contracting the virus and transmitting it to others by minimizing the amount of close contact you have with others.  

  1. Get Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are chemical substances used for rubbing on the hands, keeping them free from germs. They can protect the body from the spread and the negative actions of germs by reducing microbial counts on the hands. When used appropriately, they can get rid of 99.9% of germs. Hand sanitizers are best applied before and after contact with surfaces that possibly contain germs.  

  1. Get Gas Masks

Gas masks protect you from inhaling toxic gases that are airborne pollutants. The mask covers your nose, mouth, eyes (if full face mask), and other vulnerable soft tissues around the face. Airborne toxic materials may take either gaseous or particulate forms. Whichever form they take; gas masks protect you from them. Most gas masks can also act as respirators in critical cases. 

  1. Get Personal Alarm

Personal alarms are very valuable for crime situations. By sounding a personal alarm, you can create a sound that’ll shock an intruder trying to break away into your premises. In outdoor conditions, personal alarms call the attention of neighbors when you sense an attacker approaching you. You can also use personal alarms to assist older adults who cannot move freely to get the necessary attention.

  1. Enroll In Self-defense Courses

Self-defense courses teach you how to deal with attackers. They equip you with skills that help you defend yourself when in harmful circumstances where external assistance may not be forthcoming. Self-defense courses will enhance your awareness of your environment and help you develop more confidence. They improve your overall fitness and make you stronger.  

  1. Adhere To Online Security Measures

Online security measures are recommended practices and instructions that help to ensure safe internet navigation. Several tips are provided to help internet users remain secure when online. By adhering to these measures, you can protect yourself from various cyber threats and fraudulent activities. Always ensure you familiarize yourself with the necessary online steps to keep you secure.   

  1. Use Social Media Wisely

Social media has made it easy for hostile individuals to find personal information about their prospective victims. Ensure you don’t give too much information about yourself or your family on social media. Be thoughtful about what you share. Whenever you sense any form of harassment on your social media accounts, take immediate action to address it before it escalates.  

  1. Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when your personally identifiable information is getting into the wrong hands. To prevent identity theft, you must ensure not to share your security numbers, pins, and sensitive data linked to your identity. You must also ensure not to click on illegitimate links or open emails from people you don’t know.  

  1. Secure Your Premises 

Personal safety at home begins with keeping your surroundings safe. You should have your home premises covered with monitored smart home gadgets that notify you of every person entering and leaving your place. Furthermore, you should avoid giving your home details carelessly to people and make sure the doors and entrances of your property are well secured.  


There are threats all around us. Daily, several individuals fall victim to many of the modern threats prevalent in society. Interestingly, these threats can be prevented with proper safety measures highlighted in this article. Adopting effective safety measures guarantees the security of lives and personal properties.