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Book & Hero – Superman Saves Books From Falling

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“Superman Saves Books From Falling” Okay, that doesn’t sound much like an exciting headline on the Daily Planet but we bet that fans of Superman and the superhero genre in general would get pretty excited over this Superman themed bookend named Book & Hero from designers Artori Design. This rather whimsical and unusual metal book end features our favorite world-saving superhero propping up your book collection.

What makes the Book & Hero interesting is that it looks like the tiny silhouette figure of Superman seems to be suspended in mid-air while preventing the books from falling over. This feat is achieved with the magic of magnetism. The figure is attached to the book by using magnets. A hidden metal plate slides between the cover of the book and the pages of the book. This illusion of suspension is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

The Book & Hero novelty bookends makes for a unique and unusual gift for any fan of the last son of Krypton. It is perfect for propping up your treasured graphic novel collection.
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Where to Buy "Book & Hero" Metal Bookend

Book & Hero is a clever bookend that will bring a smile to anyone's face. A magnet is used to suspend the superhero in the air, giving the impression of him 'saving' the books from an imminent fall.

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Where to Buy "Book & Hero" Metal Bookend

Book & Hero is a clever bookend that will bring a smile to even the most casual of observers faces.

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