There is no doubt that the best pizzas are made using a wood fired oven. And who designs the best wood fired pizza ovens if not the Italians themselves. If you are looking for a traditional wood fired oven, you have to look elsewhere. The Alfa Forno Ciao Wood Fired Oven looks like it was designed by the other bunch of Italians. Not the pizza chefs but those associated with fast Italian cars.

The Alfa Forno Ciao Wood Fired Oven is all shiny metal, all sleek and it looks like it can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under 4 seconds. Well, it doesn’t of course but it does go from ambient to 300 ° C in less than 10 minutes which is rather impressive. It can also bake up to 30 pizzas and about a pound of bread per hour which should be enough to cater to a rather large pizza party.

The oven has ceramic fiber insulation which lowers the outer temperature and keeps the oven hot on the inside at the same time. This is an important safety feature for a portable oven. The large wheels also makes it easy to roll the oven over grass and uneven surfaces. The curved shape oven evens the temperature  for more even cooking.

Last but not least the patented Forninox technology requires very little fuel to reach the high cooking temperature.



Where to Buy Alfa Forno Ciao Wood Fired Oven


Alfa Forno Ciao Wood Fired Oven

The Italian designed Alfa Forno Ciao features a brick hearth combined with steel dome. This provides Old World performance in a lightweight solution.

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