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Think Board Turns Any Surface into a Dry-Erase Surface

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Wouldn’t it be great if you can just grab a marker and quickly leave a note, a message or a drawing on your wall, desk or refrigerator without causing a mess? What if any surface can be turned into a dry-erase surface allowing you to doodle away or release your creative juices? With the Think Board, you can.

Think Board is a transparent sheet that sticks on just about any smooth flat surface like your wall, desktop, refrigerator or door. Since it is transparent and nearly invisible, it blends right in. It has removable adhesive backing which means that you can remove it and reuse it on another surface if you wish. Best of all, the adhesive leaves no sticky residue and does not damage the surface you stick it on or remove the paint from your wall.

Think of all the places you can make use of the Think Board. Stick it on your office desk and you have a convenient writing area to keep important messages and reminders. Stick it on the walls of the playroom to encourage creativity and play instead of worrying about the kids damaging your walls. Place it on your refrigerator and use it as a quick grocery list or use it as a family calendar to remind of each other’s schedules. Stick it on the walls of your office and you have an instant brainstorming space. Or how about sticking it on the side of a food truck and use it to list out the day’s specials?

The Think Board sheet comes in a few different sizes and you can always cut the sheet to whatever size you require. Each Think Board comes with an Expo marker, installation squeegee and velcro to stick the marker on the wall. The squeegee helps you stick the sheet without any bubbles under the surface. You can of course use the board with any white board marker
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Think Board transforms any smooth surface into an expansive dry-erase surface! Place it on your desk, your refrigerator or your child's playroom.

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