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Plug Hub Makes Your Wire Mess Disappear

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Look under your desk. See that rat’s nest of wires and tangled mess? How would you like to make it all disappear? All you need is the Plug Hub, yet another device from the overactive minds of the folks at Quirky.

The Plug Hub is described as an under-desk cord management station that is designed to organize and hide all your wires, cords and cables. What you see after you tuck away everything is just a little grey box sitting on top of your power strip.

Hidden inside the box are plastic protrusions that act as “cord anchors” that you can wrap longer cords around thus preventing long cords from lying all over under the desk. This is what keeps everything looking neat and tidy. The wrapped up cords will probably look nothing like what is shown in the photo above but that doesn’t matter because everything inside the box will be hidden from sight.

The bottom of the Plug Hub has a rubber foot to keep the hub from slipping around when placed on the floor. Alternatively, you can choose to mount the hub under the table. The hub comes with proper mounting holes and screws for this purpose.

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Where to Buy Quirky Plug Hub

Keep your cords clean and concealed with Plug Hub, an under-desk cord management station that hides your power strip and cords in one discreet unit.

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