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Get Your Keys Organized with the K-Addict Key Organizer System

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Until the day we all have voice activated locks or all our doors have smart locks, keys will remain an important part of our lives. Therefore losing our keys can be a traumatic experience. Keep your keys safe and well organized with the K-Addict Key Organizer System.

This handy tool provides easy adjustment so you can organize as many keys as you want with just a few twists and turns. Rust, corrosion, and scratch-resistant, this key organizer system is compact, durable, and lightweight. K-Addict Key Organizer System comes with an 18-8 stainless steel hardware & nylon washers to ensure fluid flipping movement for your keys. Besides keeping your keys organized, it also prevents embarrassing jingling of keys in your pocket. The K-Addict is incredibly versatile and can hold anywhere from 3 up to an infinity number of keys (as long as you have an infinity sized pocket).

This micro finish anodized mil spec type II class 1 key holder makes an excellent gift to a friend or loved one. It is CNC machined and form tapped with a rigid modern design. It ships with a small building kit to let you customize the key organizer according to your required size & spacing.

Stainless steel and nylon washers are provided to be inserted in between keys to avoid unwanted friction. Keep you keys organized with the K-Addict Key Organizer System and look cool while doing it.

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The K-Addict Key Organizer System is a compact, strong, lightweight key consolidator that won't stick out or stick you. Protect & organize your keys.

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