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geeRaf Tames Your Earphones Cable

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Getting your earphones buds to stay in place in your ears can be a very annoying problem. Some earphones come up with special designs to try and keep the earphones in place such as earhooks, neck bands and “custom-fit” earpieces that seldom work well. The geeRaf earphone cable tethering accessory promises to fix all these problems with a simple device that is designed to hold your earphones cable in place.

The geeRaf may look rather odd and uncomfortable to wear around your neck but it actually very light. Once you put it on, you will probably soon forget that it is even there because it weighs less than half an ounce. It works very well because it holds most of the cable in place and there is only a short length of cable that goes from the geeRaf to your ears. Without the extra weight of the cable weighing it down, your earphones are more likely to stay in place even when you engage in vigorous activities. It is like having almost no cables at all.


In fact the geeRaf works best for runners and gym users. It works with virtually any pair of earphones so should you decide to replace your earphones, you can keep on using the geeRaf. Looking for a pair of earphones that stay in your ears becomes less of a concern and you can concentrate on having the best audio instead.
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The geeRaf is the only product that solves ALL those annoying earphone problems. Lightweight, comfortable and more effective than anything else available.

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