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The Dirty Dunk: Say Goodbye to Messy Clothes on the Floor

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Getting kids to put their dirty laundry into the laundry basket is probably one of the hardest task of a parent. For years, scientists, researchers and psychologists have studied this problem but the solution continues to evade us all. Until now that is. The Dirty Dunk from The Dunk Collection has finally solved this age old mystery. All it takes is a laundry basket that also doubles up as a basketball hoop basket.

The Dunk Collection has discovered that all young humans (and many older ones as well) just cannot resist the temptation of attempting a basketball throw or a dunk when presented with the opportunity. That is why The Dirty Dunk works so well in keeping bedroom floors and beds across America and the world free from the clutter of dirty laundry. Whether they doing a dunk or s swish, kids are going to love it.

This ingenious device is just a specially designed netting laundry bag that is attached to a basketball hoop and backboard. The backboard itself is easily mounted on any bedroom door using hooks. Alternatively, you can just nail it to a wall and it works just as well.

All the parts are made from high quality material that are built to last. The backboard is made from engineered wood, not cheap plastic. The rim is powder coated and the basket is made of nylon netting, just like the real thing.

The bottom of the basket netting has a drawstring that is held close using a spring loaded toggle. To remove clothes from the basket, just loosen the drawstring and the clothes fall out. Just tug the drawstrings close again to close the end of the basket.

With the Dirty Dunk, you will never have to nag or shout at your kids to pick up after themselves. Now, if only The Dunk Collection can come up with an updated version that can also do the laundry, ironing and fold the clothes.
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Where to Buy The Dirty Dunk

The Dirty Dunk blurs playtime and chores to give kids a cool and fun way to keep their rooms clean and allows parents to breathe easier at night.

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Where to Buy Laundry Dunk Basketball Hoop Basket for Dirty Clothes

Make cleaning fun with this Dunk Your Laundry door hanging laundry basket. Simply hook the basket onto the top of almost any door and let the slam dunking begin! Great for getting messy kids to clean their rooms and fun for adults too!

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