Board games are a great way for a family to spend time together. Unfortunately, kids today are too distracted by electronic games on smartphones and tablets and are no longer interested in classic board games. The Game Technologies SA DICE+ merges the world of electronic gaming with traditional board games with the introduction of a smart die.

The die is an essential element of most board games. The die adds the element of chance to a game. It dictates how fast you move on the game board. It decides the outcome of battles. If you have played traditional board games, I am sure you have performed that sacred act of dice worshiping – cupping the die or dice in your hands and blowing on it so that the dice gods will smile on your next roll.

Now, you can relive those happy memories with the DICE+. The DICE+ is a Bluetooth enabled die that works with a wide and ever growing list of electronic board games that are played on both iOS and Android devices. You roll (and blow) on the die as you normally do but instead of moving your piece  manually, the game does this for you.

This also means that you can no longer “accidentally” move your piece one or two extra steps forward which for me is quite a bummer. What’s the point of playing a board game if you can’t cheat a little?



Where to Buy Game Technologies SA DICE+


Game Technologies SA DICE+

Have Fun & Play Together. DICE+ gives you a new way to enjoy games, which use dice on your iPad or tablet.

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