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The worst part about reading glasses is remembering to bring them with you. This is an even bigger issue among men because men don’t usually carry bags that they can fit a pair of reading glasses in. However, men do have their wallets with them most of the time and the EnzoDate Credit Card Reading Glasses is designed to fit in a wallet.

The EnzoDate Credit Card Reading Glasses is stored inside a metal case that is slightly wider but shorter than a credit card and about the thickness of 3 cards. These are nose resting reading glasses which means that they do not have the ear loops that normally hold a pair of glasses to your face. Instead, they have a spring-like mechanism that clamp the glasses to the bridge of your nose.

When properly clamped, the glasses do stay in place even when you tilt your head down to read. They also stay put with slight movements of the head. However, the effectiveness of the clamping mechanism does depend a bit on the shape of the nose to provide sufficient clamping force.

The EnzoDate Credit Card Reading Glasses are not meant to replace your regular reading glasses but they are great as a travel or emergency pair. They easily fit inside a wallet, purse or pocket. They are thin, small and very light.

The glasses come in five different strengths from +1.0 to +3.0 in +0.5 increments.
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